i'm in the arms of my first love


if i lay here

if i just lay here

would allison argent come back and just save the world

Teen Wolf.


  • Favourite Female: Lydia or Allison. 
  • Favourite Male: Scott. or Stiles
  • 3 Other Favourite Characters: Danny, Cora, Boyd. 
  • 3 OTPs: Stydia, Sciles, Scallison. 
  • Notp: Stalia. 
  • Funniest character: Coach  
  • Prettiest character: Everyone is fucking pretty on this show, like.
  • Most Annoying Character: Malia.
  • Most badass character: Idk…
  • Character I’d like as my BFF:Lydia
  • Female Character I’d Marry:Lydia
  • Male Character I’d Marry:Stiles.
  • Character I hate/dislike/least like: Malia. 



  • Favourite Female: Katherine.
  • Favourite Male: Stefan.
  • 3 Other Favourite Characters:Caroline, Silas, Tom Avery. 
  • 3 OTPs: Stilas, Stelena , Simara (silas x amara)
  • Notp: Delena.
  • Funniest character: Silas.
  • Prettiest character:Stefan.
  • Most Annoying Character:Elena.
  • Most badass character:Katherine. 
  • Character I’d like as my BFF:Caroline. 
  • Female Character I’d Marry:Caroline.
  • Male Character I’d Marry:Stefan.
  • Character I hate/dislike/least like:Damon/Elena. 


If we share OTPs then we share a fucking soul.

how to emote by malia tate

photo credit !

photo credit !

Me without you just isn't the same.